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At Sage Speech Therapy, we believe that empowering you - parents, wider families and school staff members - will have the biggest impact on your child. If you feel confident and competent, you can use Speech Therapist approved strategies on a daily basis, instead of waiting for your next session to practice skills. 


But there’s so much information, opinions and pseudo-science out there, that it can be difficult to pick what strategies to try. That’s where we come in...


We run a series of online and in person training sessions, all based around the most common questions we receive from parents and schools. Our therapist combines extensive knowledge of the research base and a decade of highly specialist, practical experience to bring you up to date information about the things that matter most to you. 

Upcoming Talks, Training and Workshops

Our therapist delivers a wide range of training around the themes of early communication development, autism spectrum conditions, communication and challenging behaviour, attachment disorder, pathological demand avoidance and the effects of early trauma.


If you wish to book a bespoke training course for your setting, we would love to work together to create a training session, day or package that meets your needs.

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