Here at Sage Speech Therapy Services, we envision a world where children are happier and their grownups feel calmer.


The seed for our company was planted when the BBC published an article calling for parents to become “super parents” to “improve their child’s autism”. While working for that same research team, our lead Speech and Language Therapist was working with mums, dads, teachers and support workers who were doing their best under sometimes incredible pressure. They didn’t need more guilt, they needed solutions. 


Sage Speech Therapy Services have one simple aim - to empower the adults around children with communication difficulties to support their children in safe, sane and sustainable ways. 


Raising a child with developmental difficulties is a unique experience, but it can make every day life highly stressful at times. It is very easy to get so focused on the child’s needs, and many parents don’t stop to consider the effect of stress on their own life. In addition to our Speech Therapy services, we also offer a range of personal coaching tools to help you feel less overwhelmed, and move forward in new, self-compassionate and empowered ways.

Meet Our Team


Lead Speech and Language Therapist

Autism specialist, Certified Coach, Cat Lover.

The one who makes the words happen, talks to people all day and loves working on a good problem.

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Office Manager

Professional Photographer, Organisational Wizard, Dog Person. 

The one who makes the internets work, everything look pretty, and keeps the business running in an orderly fashion. 

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